12 Apr

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16 Feb

Mondrian opened up my mind to a new way of creating a 3D environment. I started off this project wrong, I stretched my image from one 2d plane and when rotating it I that it was not truly a 3D image. Once the 3D development issues was address I better understood objects in space. The concept is not difficult as long as the idea of space and scaling objects is kept in mind. Once my 3d model was created bring it to life was simple. In completing this project I walked away with a few lessons learned. Know the concepts before creating. As you view the project you will notice that one of the yellow squares move out of the way of the larger red one, if I had more time to speed up my render this would have given the art piece a little more humor; that motion being my second lesson. Finally, I have to make sure I am using all of my frames to the fullest to ensure an more interesting experience from beginning to end. Enjoy

Project 1 Ball Drop

16 Feb

Ball drop was a new experience to art. I have never work in the world of creating 3D objects and motions. Creating a simple object without physical details was simple, but when came giving it life I face the challenge of creating realism in a virtual world. Motion is experienced by many and taken for granted it is not until things are moving slowly when the real details surface. The inspiration behind the realism of the ball was watching videos of rubber balls bouncing. Watching these videos unveiled the shape the ball would make as it made contact with a surface as well as the speed of the bounce. Developing this in Maya was very difficult when one does not understand the frame rate that is visible to the human eye or the framework of Maya. After a few session of creating and recreating my ball, understanding the rotation of camera, and little imagination of physical boundaries in a virtual world I finally created my ball drop. Enjoy

Hello world!

12 Jan

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